Change the numbers, change the story

By bringing awareness to and taking action on the issues surrounding type 1 diabetes (T1D), we can turn these numbers around, and write a new story.

A better one. Together.

We can help go from mourning lives lost to T1D, to celebrating lives lived. From memorials to memories made. From obstacles to opportunities. From hardship to hope.

Because when we change the numbers, we change the story.

How you can help change the story

You can help change the story for people living with T1D.

Build the movement

Recruit your networks by sharing content of the T1D Index. Or create your own campaign using our guide below. Remember to use #T1DIndex to join the global conversation.

Diagnose everyone and save 668,000 lives globally

Provide insulin and test strips to all and save 1.98 million lives

Access to devices and save 670,000 lives globally

Invest in prevention and cures to give quality of life for all

Win Allies

Persuade local decision makers to remember your story when making public health decisions. You can write a letter, tag them on social media, or seek a meeting. Download our ‘Remember my Story’ guide below to learn more.

Put your hand up

Let us know what areas youโ€™re keen to help with and weโ€™ll help connect you to the right people in the T1D community.